Hyunah Kim

“My painting is an invitation, a passage of reaching your intellectual world.”

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Art is not supposed to be something crazy or difficult. With my artworks, you can have a pleasant experience.

— HYUNAH KIM . 2019

The key themes of my art is ‘wonder’.  I want to make an art that makes the viewer wonder.

Art is not mathematics, there is no certain answer.  Nor a novel, which has to be explained in every detail. With a pictorial language such as color, line, shape and form, I try to make a strong composition, so the viewers can experience an intellectual play while they see my art. In our post-modernism era, I want to make abstract art that is refreshing, pleasant, heartwarming yet sophisticated. My art is an enjoyable product of consciousness and unconsciousness.

— HYUNAH KIM . 2020

Reviews by Art Collectors


We love the painting. Hyunah was very friendly and easy to work with. It looks great. The painting came packaged carefully. Would recommend her…she is very talented.

– Sheila, US (IL)


This painting is exactly as pictured, but better because of course art must be seen in person to be appreciated! It is really beautiful, dramatic, and unique. My husband said “it looks like it belongs in a museum.

– Karen, US (MA)


Hyunah did an amazing job on my custom order. Considering the pandemic, she was able to execute and delivery within a short time frame. Her customer service is delightful and I will definitely use her in the future.

-Kim, UK


I purchased this art from Hyunah and communication, quality, description all brilliant. The canvas arrived in line with time line and it has been due only to “ lock down” in the UK that feedback has been delayed as its taken until today to get it back and put on the wall! Could not recommend highly enough. I have no doubt we will be looking to purchase further pieces. Thank you Hyunah.

– Amy, UK


I am so happy with my new art hanging in my kitchen! Hyunah, the artist, was darling to deal with and she produced a piece that was as wonderful as I had hoped. The colors are right on target, the paint application is fabulous and the quality of her brush strokes show her professionalism. She is certainly an artist to admire!

– Gwen, US (FL)


Hyunah did a great job with our painting and it adds color to our living room! She was extremely responsive, communicated through the process and sent us pictures of the painting once it was completed. We love the bright colors of this abstract painting that go really well with the decor of our living room. The artwork looks great! I would definitely recommend her as an artist.

– Dipankar, US (GA)